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Complete Professional Tree Service

Fully tree work insured with the proper insurance coverages,
State of Wisconsin E/L and Workers Compensation
Commercial General Liability.

Tree Removal

Should you have a need for tree removal, fully insured our talented crew takes great care to protect your property and landscape during the process. We will completely remove your tree by climbing or using a forestry bucket truck with all safety precautions and rope rigging down individual limbs, this provides less impact to your landscape also keeping limbs away from: Your home or out building, phone/cable lines, fences or other trees. We will work with you to meet your specifications for the job, big or small.

Free Basic Stump Grind with complete tree removals with 18" and under trunks

Tree Pruning / Trimming

  • Improved tree health and form
  • Pruning for Appearance, Health, and Safety
  • Increased safety by removing weak limbs
  • Reduced potential for storm damage
  • Improved turf density allowing more sunlight
  • Repair of any winter damage

Technique is very critical
We DO NOT wear spikes trimming trees !

Trimming or Pruning Trees incorrectly wearing spikes or gafs will adversely affect healthy growth and makes trees more vulnerable to diseases and insects. Improper pruning can also reduce the lifespan of a tree. Yearly pruning is beneficial for some trees and shrubs. Slower-growing trees can be pruned less frequently. It’s important to remember that pruning can’t work miracles. Don’t wait until your tree is overgrown.

Stump Grinding

Once we remove your tree we grind the stump and roots, remove the chips then grade level the area around the stump.
We can also restore the area adding the proper fill, starter fertilizer grass seed and straw cover.
Also we offer hydroseeding for those large areas
We Grind the Big Stumps !!

Types of Stump Grinding

  1. Basic stump grinding removes approximately 6" to 8" of the stump below grade
  2. Standard stump grinding removes approximately 8" to 12" of the stump below grade
  3. Construction stump grinding removes approximately 12" to 24" of the stump below grade


Wisconsin Property Services, LLC pledge begins with a commitment to you. We pledge to deliver the highest level of service and workmanship at all times. We are a full-service, fully insured family owned commercial property service company.