Now the winter winds down, take time to tidy your outdoor space. Spring yard work begins with spring yard cleanup

Spring Lawn Cleanup Tips

Begin your spring lawn cleanup by raking and picking up debris leaves, rocks, twigs and branches.  
It also gives you a better view of your lawn, so you can see any winter damage.

Spring yard cleanup tips for your plants
Remove annual plants that didn't survive the winter. Making your landscape look healthier, also allows air, water and nutrients to circulate more easily.

You should also prune summer-blooming shrubs.  Wait until shrubs have flowered to prune them.

Spring yard cleanup tips for your planting beds
Remove debris and pull any weeds. Rake back mulch to allow the sun to dry and warm the soil. This will help kick-start spring growth.
Turn the soil in your plant beds use a hand rake or spade to loosen it around your plants. Also its a good time to work in compost to improve the soil.

Then take a Break and Enjoy !

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